>Silk Screen (Screen Printing)  

Silk screen printing, also known as screen process printing nowadays, silk screen printing uses a fabric screen and a stencil through which ink is pressed. The process is called silk screen printing and the mesh or screen was made of natural silk during its early days. But nowadays it is made from polyester, stainless steel or nylon.

Silk screen printing steps are as follows:
>Prepare a stencil with the desired design or text cut out so that the ink passes only through the part that has been cut.
>Put the work piece under the screen
>Ink is applied at the top of the screen and fill bar is used to fill the mesh openings with ink
>An applicator is used to force the ink through the silk screen and the prepared stencil onto the material to be printed.
>The work piece is carefully removed from beneath the screen.

Screen printing inks can be used to work with a variety of materials such as textiles, ceramics, metals, wood, glass, plastic, paper etc. vmPrinters with its latest technology and dedicated workers can produce excellent quality silk screen printing.

Regardless of small and large volume screen prints, we at vmPrinters, guarantee great visual impacts for your prints.

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To outshine in today’s competitive market, we produce screen prints onto premium quality materials of your choice.

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