An Effective, Efficient way to communicate
Web advertising, e-mail or other high-tech marketing methods arenít the only way to market these days. Many entrepreneurs are simply seeking a low-cost, easy-to-implement sales tool, and arenít wrapped up in the latest tech fad.

For ďtech-lessĒ marketing, old-fashioned postcard marketing is a great option. These princely little pieces pack a powerful marketing punch for many a startup and small business.

>Itís easier to read a postcard at a glance than to open an envelope
>Postcards are less intrusive than e-mail, and these days have less competition
>Unlike e-mail, postcards can take on any size, color, gloss or graphic

Available in Digital,
Offset Printing Technology Only

source> www.startupnation.com

Recommend Specifications
Substrate - 250gsm Postcard Media (Coated/ Uncoated Artcard)
Optional Finishing - Matt/ Gloss Lamination, Die-Cut, Spot UV

Standard Postcard
DL Postcard
Oversized Postcard
Customized Size Postcard
Odd Size

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